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The Break Free Series

It's been two years since an epidemic ravaged the earth, leaving hordes of infected that still roamed the streets with an insatiable hunger for anything fresh and moving. Kaylee and what's left of her friends and family fight for survival in the crumbling remains of their city. Hundreds of infected beat at their doors and walls, including Kaylee's mother, who now haunts them with her presence on their old street. But when the group plans an escape north to an area free of the infected, the consequences of their devastating escape from the city will leave Kaylee forever changed.

The thrilling sequel to Break Free the Night. Kaylee and her group have escaped the city, abandoning the safety and comfort of routine. Before them lay miles of untested road that will bring challenges and opportunities that none of them could have anticipated ...and some they won't all be able to survive.

Separated by miles filled with the hungry infected, Kaylee and Emma must find a way back to each other. The sisters will have to survive the loss of friends, the uncertainty of ever finding each other again, and the terror that will arise as they meet other pockets of survivors. Whole new battles will emerge, where it's not just the infected you need to fear, but the survivors as well.

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E.M. Fitch's intense, suspenseful prose will sing your through a dark world.

-Mav Skye, author of Girl Clown Hatchet