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Happy New Year!

Sappy thoughts and hopeful dreams

Just before the stroke of midnight, I was talking with my nine-year-old son about the closing of a decade. That's the cool thing about 2020, you can contemplate an entire decade as a passage of time. My son and I, we chose to ponder the decade to come.

In this next decade, (God willing) two of my children will graduate high school, with the third right behind. Three out of four kids will be driving. At least one of them would have probably started dating. One or two might move away (even if it's just to the dorms). There will be cars, and heartache, and stupid decisions, and passionate discovery. There will be one or two parties that I probably won't know about (if my kids are anything like their uncles).

I get to spend the next decade standing alongside my children as they become adults. It's an amazing privilege. I pray we all get to see the end of the 20's, and we make it there in one piece.

And as for me... with adults, it's cloudier, isn't it? When you are nine, the next ten years gets pretty mapped out for you. You go to middle school, then high school. You learn to drive when you're legally able. You hopefully graduate. The next option is a little like the game of Life, isn't it? Do you want the career route or the college route? You pick. It's beyond daunting, as the mom, to see the next decade laid out for my children. But for myself? Well, it's a bit of a mystery isn't it?

That's the way of life after childhood. In high school, you can't play volleyball and soccer at the same time--that's the same season! Opportunities and trials, they are all carefully laid out for you season by season, year by year, legal ages and test passing. And then you're an adult. And the world is kinda blown wide open for you. And though there are limitations always in life (such as, I don't think I even could competitively play volleyball anymore! Haha), there's not a single thing I most definitely HAVE to do. I've hit the milestones already and now I can just be. So as scary and unpredictable as my future can look at times, it's all mine. And I can do with it what I please.

So what do I have planned? I will grow in spirituality. I will listen to the Divine. I will find purpose in my work. I will grow in connection with others and be vulnerable in the relationships that have earned it. I will read a shit-ton of books ;) I will write as passionately as I am able. I will explore the secret truths that smolder inside all of humanity, giving us our fire. I'll share those truths in my work. There will be books, folks. Lots of books!

None of these are resolutions, they are all just paths I intend to follow.

What are your paths?

I wish you luck along the way, and if we bump into each other in passing, God speed to you! (And watch where you're going!)


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