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Cold Hangs the Midnight

And the history of the Christmas Ghost Story

It's the most wonderful time of the year! It says so in the songs.

There'll be parties for hosting Marshmallows for toasting And caroling out in the snow There'll be scary ghost stories And tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago

And as much as I love all of these things...there's one element I feel I've missed out on. I don't know about you, but in my family the ghost stories typically come out around the Halloween bonfire. And why? Traditionally, Christmas time was a time for ghost stories. The Victorians absolutely loved terrifying each other! In the winter, through long nights, isolated in their homes, ghost stories were born. It makes sense, right? Winter, especially centuries ago, was a cold, lonely, isolated, scary time--sounds like the perfect environment for a ghost story!

The history is there ( and so are the stories, but may I suggest...

Cold Hangs the Midnight, by Mav Skye, is the perfect ghost story for this holiday season. Bonus! It takes place in an old, Victorian mansion.

I've had the pleasure of reading this one already. What starts with a Ouija board seance led by college kids devolves into an unfolding of lore and legend and tragedy, held in the foundation of an old Victorian mansion. This is a creepy one, folks! Shadows will reach out to shake your hand, haunting poems will chant through your minds, and a slow descent into madness will usher you right along through the unfolding mystery in Cold Hangs the Midnight.

The characters will entrance you, and you’ll fall in love with their stories, their intricacies; but it’s the haunting that takes center stage in this tale. The scenes are intense—intense enough for me to need to take a break before my own clock struck midnight. It all comes to a head on Christmas Eve, which makes this a perfect return to the traditions of a Christmas ghost story. But really, any time of the year is a good time for a haunting, right?

Go on and buy. Seriously, it's only 0.99$ at the moment but the price is going up soon!! Settle in to read. And pray your clock doesn’t strike a thirteenth time… I dare you.

Merry Christmas Ghost Story season! And let's make this a regular thing, hmm?? Happy reading!

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