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Book Review: To Kill a Curse

To Kill a Curse, by Jennifer Jenkins

Alright, peoples. We're all hunkered down, right? There is a global pandemic out there, after all, so I'm hoping your answer is: yes! But even if you're one of the essentials, you still have down time. And what better way to spend it than with a swashbuckling adventure??

No better way, correct!

Jenkins sets her tale in the middle of the fictional Lingering Sea (though, according to her afterward, she was inspired by Manarola, Italy). The sweeping views, detailed localities, and folklore of this fictional landscape all set the stage for an adventure that will whisk you away.

And that's literally what will happen, just as it happens to the main character, Fina. She is whisked into an adventure she wasn't looking for, but once she's there, she can't turn away. The main character, Fina, is my favorite part of this novel. She is adventurous, brave, and fiercely loyal. Not a typical damsel in distress, she is fighting battles within her own mind and heart. Readers will get a glimpse of the vulnerability within this character and cheer right along with her as she's chased by pirates while she fights for her family's future. I hope I get to visit the Lingering Sea again soon.

Pirates, treasure, curses, and romance all await you on the Lingering Sea. Come dip a toe. I dare you.

Find TO KILL A CURSE by Jennifer Jenkins here: Amazon

And see more about this awesome author on her website:

Happy quarantine reading to you all!

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