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The CLOWN APOCALYPSE has arrived!!

Well, the book has, and that's damn near close enough! The third book in the GIRL CLOWN HATCHET suspense series dropped this morning! You can find it here.

Before you running off screaming with your hatchets--you own a hatchet, right?? You should--let me tell you about the apocalypse!

This is the third book in the series that kicks off with Chloe as a teenager in GIRL CLOWN HATCHET. Fast forward into her adulthood for CHASING CLOWNS, and then hold on to your hats because the CLOWN APOCALYPSE is right around the corner.

There's no time to breath in this thrilling conclusion to the GIRL CLOWN HATCHET world. Seriously... I was breathless, stunned, shocked, and terrified. My heart was pounding. I cried... (if you know me at all, you know I don't cry). This was an insane and wild ride! But here's the thing, as with all novels in the Mav Skye universe, it feels sane when you're reading it. It feels like a clown could totally be chasing you down the street with a chainsaw, or terrifying you in your front lawn on stilts juggling knives.

There's a beautiful balance to Skye's words, and a story beneath the story. Because if you think this is just a fun horror romp with killer clowns, nope, it's not. Not at all. This is a tale of folklore and legend, of fantasy and true romance. There's heartbreak and love and sacrifice. There's great losses, but also triumphs. There's growth, real growth, the kind we all strive to achieve in our personal lives. Some characters escape with a few knocked out teeth and some scars, all will live with emotional scars, the awful kind that will take a lifetime to heal. It's gritty and personal and insane and real.

(Side note: have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? Because Chloe's friend, Joey Parker... my heart aches over Joey Parker. From his first knock-knock joke to his last. Don't judge me! You'll fall for him too. And as a bonus that makes my girlish heart sing: it looks like we'll be getting JOEY'S STORY!! I can't tell you how excited I was to see that link at the end of CLOWN APOCALYPSE!)

So buck up, my loves! Take a dip into the world of GIRL CLOWN HATCHET. If you like Spindler, maybe stay a while and go on CHASING CLOWNS. And if you're brave of heart and feeling giddy with reckless courage, then enter the CLOWN APOCALYPSE with your hatchet at the ready, your face paint on, and your squeaky nose adjusted. I triple dog dare you.

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