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Bring on the fall!

Okay, people, this is not a drill. There is just so much going on this fall, exciting stuff!! And I wanted to share it all with you. Deep breath, here goes!

FIRST! My short story, entitled Between Shadows, will be released in FRAGMENTS OF DARKNESS September 13th. I'm so excited about this anthology. It's a collection of some seriously kickass writers and I'm so, so thrilled I get to be a part of it. Between Shadows was written while I was first discovering quantum physics, and just how scary and unsettling it really is. If something exists only if observed, then how do I exist? Who is watching me? Some argue this is proof of God, and I quite like that theory. I also got an introduction to Mr. Schrodinger and his cat. What's in the box, man? What's in the box?! More importantly (for me and my story), what's in the other box? Hmm??

NEXT! This opportunity kind of just fell in my lap, and I still can't believe it's actually happening, it's the stuff of childhood ambitions. Myself, along with 99 other authors, will be attempting to break a record from the Guinness Book of World Records! Can you believe it? If it happens (and it's gonna happen, baby, you bet it will!) my name, along with 99 other authors from around the globe will go down in history in the Guinness Book of World Records and my 12 year old self is currently jumping for joy at the prospect (see, there's some quantum physics for you - she's jumping currently, right this second, as I sit here in my 34 year old glory typing away).

My story was just accepted a few days ago, it's entitled Buried Deep Down and it's a nod to the Feejee mermaid of P.T. Barnum as well as the shark who terrified millions - first in the real life Matawan Creek, and then as the legendary Jaws. Don't understand how these two things could go together? Oh, you'll see. Check out the historic attempt by clicking on the image below, there's preorder information as well, but it will be available on Amazon and I'll post links soon!

AND LASTLY! I've got two more releases coming your way, just in time for Halloween. These releases are 100% me, and I'm so excited to share them with you. So excited, in fact, that one will be completely free. Yup, that's right. Everyone should have a ghost story to tell around the campfire, and if you don't have your own, I've written one of mine down for you. This is a re-telling of The Man With The Golden Arm, as told to me by my mother, my uncles, and everyone else in the family who wanted to terrify the younger generations. HER GOLDEN ARM will be available as an ebook (e-story?) and as a printed booklet.

I will also be releasing a collection of short stories entitled THE VEIL: GHOSTS, GOBLINS, GHOULS. If you've enjoyed any of my quantum physics ramblings, you'll enjoy this creepy collection of short stories. This will be released October 10th, just in time to satisfy your Halloween itch.

If you've read this far, you deserve a treat, so here it is! This is the first official cover reveal for THE VEIL.

Thanks for reading!


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