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One Summer With Autumn by Julie Reece

One Summer with Autumn by Julie Reece.

Okay, guys, let's talk Julie Reece for a moment. She's amazing! I originally stumbled across her with The Artisans, followed up by her sequel The Paladins, and I loved them both. They're both here on my blog somewhere, so when I saw she had written a romance?? I was SO excited.

This author has the skills! And this romance is a sweet, and not-so-sweet story that you'll just adore. There's a steady plot moving us forward, an adorable, well thought out guy with some secrets of his own, heartbreak, and humanity.

That's why I was drawn in to Reece's world to begin with, the humanity. She doesn't shy away from the wretchedness of the world, from the inhumane acts of the people who reside in it. This is what makes her work stand out, it's not just about the romance, it's about why the romance is important in a world that feels devoid of love at times.

Honestly, Reece could write advertisements for puppy shampoo and I'd go out of my way to find it. So if her next book is a wild sci-fi ride or how-to fix your bathroom plumbing? I'll probably be reviewing it soon. Check her out here.

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