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So, I keep devouring this author's books, and then just diving into more books and getting too busy to blog. She has so many stories that I just adored, it's hard to pick just one to talk about. But since she's currently re-releasing a fav series of mine, let's start with Crushed.

This was not the first book I read of Ms. Dane's, however once started reading her work, I had to go back to the beginning with this title and start fresh. And it just so happened that that meant cheerleaders.

Now, never having been a cheerleader, I admittedly don't know much about the routine. But was I blown away with the dedication, the intricacy of the routines, the hard work. It's a story about more than just cheerleaders, of course, but what's wonderful about Dane's writing is in the details. I came away from her stories knowing not just about the main characters, but about their passions, their lives, and the lives of those they touch. The romance in her work is both sweet, and wonderfully steamy. There is heartbreak, and love, and overcoming situations that would crumple most humans I know, let alone teens.

The beauty in this book is how real it is. Grief and unfair situations, anxiety and fear; these are all things that exist and Dane's books refused to shy away. They are a spotlight on the pieces of this world that most turn away from, but in looking, you will find courage, and determination, and truth.

Start with Crushed. You'll love it. But keep your eye on this author. Wonderful (read that: crushing, heart-wrenching, steamy, romantic, terrible) things are coming. I promise. See more from Elisa Dane over on her site. *click click*

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