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Into The Light by Caroline T. Patti

Review time! Having previously enjoyed the first in this series, Into The Dark, I was geared up and ready to dive right back into the world of body snatchers and mysterious bad boys who come to the rescue. Into The Light doesn't disappoint! We pick the story back up after Mercy has already made a deal with the devil (figuratively). But it's only the beginning of her troubles. This story twists and turns and somersaults back over itself! We go deep into the history of the Breachers, Nathaniel's past, the origin of Gage. Honestly, it's just chock-full and if I went any farther, I know I'd spoil something. If you enjoyed the first in this series, you will love the second. That I can tell you! Action, romance, heart-wrenching losses, and life beyond earth. Check out Into The Light and Caroline T. Patti's other works! You won't be disappointed.

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