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Starting with a gorgeous and compelling title, this book jumps right into the action and mystery.

Welcome to Dome 1618, one of many enclosed spaces established worldwide to ensure survival from the Cleansing Wars and the infected that once roamed outside. The air is toxic and life outside the Dome unlivable. Natalia has spent her entire life inside the protective glass. She is the daughter of two renown and gifted scientists and her family name still raises eyebrows. But her parents are gone now, killed in an expedition that ventured outside the Dome, and Natalia is now an adult, expected to find a way to contribute to society.

Though there’s something about the Dome, the rules, the Delegates, and her parents’ death that continues to unsettle Natalia. A stranger appears, bringing more questions than answers and Natalia will have to choose between safety, security, and life as she’s always known it or the chance for freedom.

Once I got started on There Once Were Stars I flew right through it. The characters are engaging and the setting intriguing. Fans of The Dome, Divergent, or any YA Dystopian should definitely check this out! I hope this is an adventure that will continue in a sequel. I know that’s something I would definitely pick up!

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