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THE PALADINS by Julie Reece

The Paladins took me places I just didn't see coming. This fast-paced sequel to The Artisans features a dangerous trip through the Void, a between-worlds place filled with ghosts, monsters, nightmares, and truly horrific scenarios. The characters remain ground, real, and relatable. The dialogue is witty and engaging. My favorite part about these books is that the author doesn't shy away from the horror. This book is downright scary in places. It's good scary, bravery-inducing scary. I love seeing horrific situations treated as such in young adult novels because life can be scary and terror exists. The Paladins told us plainly: it’s okay to be afraid but that doesn’t have to mean you stop fighting. The horror was skillfully balanced in a beautiful world with wonderful characters through gorgeous writing. I'm looking forward to grabbing more of Julie Reece's work.

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