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This jacked up version of X-men is a wild ride!

It begins with a woman who can see the future and a plan that unravels from page to page. No one knows where it’s going, not the characters and not the reader, and it keeps you guessing until the very end!

The world is half in ruins. Deviants to the normal course of humanity have emerged, as Nostradamus had once predicted, and they are targeted. The government strains to keep them in check and the ever present question is: should they? New England is nothing more than a scorched remnant left behind from nuclear explosions - the radiation present would poison any normal human. Outlanders are banished here, doomed to live shortened life spans. And the Children, those who show abilities beyond what is considered human, those who have run from authority and containment Facilities, sequester in the ruins as well.

Firstly, I have to say, I was immediately drawn in by the author’s descriptive telling of the super-human powers his characters possess. He didn’t just tell us someone was a telepath, he showed us in a descriptive, suck-you-in kind of way. While reading, I could feel the pull of thoughts and sense the power that surged through the Children of Nostradamus. In this way, this book stood out for me from the superheroes I had read about and seen in neon spandex suits in the past. It was refreshing and engaging and kept me invested and involved as the story unfolded.

The characters are diverse and are pulled together through the course of the novel. I loved the evolution of the Nighthawks and can’t wait to see where this author goes with them next! Definitely check this out!

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