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In The After by Elisa Dane

I joined in a read-along for this book and just couldn't keep to the schedule (I finished it in two days, shhh!) I seriously couldn't stop reading and I lost a bit of sleep over it.

Ok, so wow, open with a damaged girl who presents as anything other than fragile, a group of Mean Girls that makes anything Hollywood has ever shown you watered down to pathetic, the bad boy who sees our girl for exactly what she is and... Ok, look, I get that all sounds a little stereotypical. But I swear to you, it's not. It's fresh and real and raw and heart-wrenching. It's truth wrapped up in a succinct little YA novel that will leaving you reeling but wanting more.

Add onto that the chilling headings at each chapter... something's coming and though, from other reviews and the synopsis you have an idea of what, it's still suspenseful and scary and around every bend you're wondering "Is this the moment? Is this what makes them snap?"

This has hard themes, rough language, sexual situations, things you wished would never happen and things that shock you when they do. This is as real as it gets, folks. Buy this.

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