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Meet the clown.

Mr. Jingles the Clown is always watching. Chloe Sevenstars has been told for ages that he wasn't real, it was in her head, hallucinations, just a manifestation of fear. But his hatchet looks real enough...

This is a novel about fear, about how it grips you, how it tightens its grasp, and leaks into every corner of you life. How fear poisons. But it's also a novel about how to overcome that fear.

This is Mav Skye's first dip into the realm of young adult fiction. It's appropriate for scare-loving teens but will delight any lover of horror fiction. It's scary, downright heart-pounding terrifying, in places. While reading I had this persistent feeling that I needed to pause to catch my breath. It's also sweet and warm and tender. It's funny and touching. It's brave. The main character Chloe is endearing, while also being kickass and a little bit scary herself. There's romance, love, Native American folklore, creeping horror, moments that will have you cringing, and moments that will make you want to hide under the covers.

This is the first in a series I seriously cannot wait to finish. Can't recommend it enough. Fans of young adult fiction, fans of horror, do yourself a favor and pick this up already.

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