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AND THE TREES CREPT IN by Dawn Kurtagich

This was a fabulous dip into insanity. It reminded me of Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper (one of my favorite short stories) only novel length, delving into each nook and cranny of the character’s psyche. The story was intricate yet expansive, mysterious and haunting. The horror creeps up on you slowly, yet I couldn't put it down. There's an unraveling of the mind, and while reading you'll feel unsure if it's protagonist, the author, or maybe even yourself that is unhinged.

It's stylish and masterful. With a distinct voice Kurtagich spirals the readers further into the dark and terrifying world of La Baume; a world where trees creep up to your doorstep, and tall beings called from the forest prey from the dark shadows of every room.

The Creeper Man is looking for you. I recommend you read this book and meet him face to face. Five stars and I'll be reading whatever comes next from Dawn Kurtagich.

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